Terms of Use

Simple Terms Of Use. Don't break any laws. Follow all Local, State and Federal laws. Do not post any provocative stuff on the site. That means NO pics showing body parts of any Gender. Do not post crimes of any kind. Meaning pictures or post boosting about committing any crimes You are responsible for what you post and share. If it breaks the site rules you can be suspended or your account can be removed. We will do our best to remove any thing that causes problems that breaks laws or the site rules. But remember every thing you post and upload to your account is 100% on you. And you agree to any and all legal problems that can come from any thing you post on the site. (SPAMMING) Do not do this. Meaning posting the same thing over and over. Meaning do not post like a crazy person posting many posts in a row. Do not post comments in Messenger to people about dating and posting provocative pics. I will contact you about doing this and to stop doing it. After i have warn out efforts to get you to stop your account will be deleted. If you need a idea of what spamming is in the news feed every one sees. If all we are seeing is posts from you THAT'S CALLED SPAMMING. Do not start multipal accounts so you can post many things. When i see this happening you will loss all the accounts for doing so.