Privacy Policy

What information do we collect? And what do we do with it? Personal information we collect names, user names, Emails etc. Are for the soul use to be used on the Site. All Money Transactions on my site will be handled threw Paypal. How do we use personal information? We use all Personal Information on the Site only. We do not Give or sell any information to third party's. If you use Paypal you agree to their terms for using their service. Legal obligations (eg prevention of fraud) We will do every thing we can to stop fraud on our site. But please keep in mind that NASTY people never stop being NASTY and trying to Fraud people when ever they can. And they work hard at defrauding people. So we will work hard at dealing with them as fast as we can. What legal basis do we have for processing your personal data? There are possible legal grounds: If Law Enforcement came to us with LEGAL PAPERWORK To obtain your Information we will comply with all Local, State And Federal laws. We will not give out any of our Gun owners or Gun groups Information to (none law Enforcement), groups. And if they don't have a legal right to any thing they will be told to piss off. I think you can figure out how i see the gun grabbers of the world. When do we share personal data? We will treat personal data confidentially and the only time we will share it. Is with Law Enforcement and with all Legal paperwork in hand. And we have nothing to do with any 3rd party groups at all. So if you are dealing with some one off (Censor Wars) Website. You are not dealing with our website at all and we can not protect you there. Where do we store and process personal data? We keep all Private data on Location. We do not transfer any Private data willingly at all for any reason. Again if you deal with a third party and tell them information we cant do any thing about that. Measures: to protect data against accidental loss and to prevent destruction. We do a site wide backup each week, Deleting every thing before that each time. That way in the case of (OMG WHAT THE HECK HAPPEN) We only loss 1 week of data. Accordance with the law We will train all staff on data security to manage third party risks. How long do we keep your personal data for? As long as there is nothing outstanding on your account. Or you are under investigation by law Enforcement. We will delete your private information at the time of the closed account. We should also outline how we securely dispose of data after you no longer need it. We press Delete and its gone off every thing for good. And if you ask us or delete your account we have no way to get your information back for you. And you will have lost 100% of every thing. Your rights in relation to personal data We respect the right of data subjects to access and control of your personal data. You have every right to keep your Information private. But we can not do any thing about the circumstances where some one who is following you may expose your personal data like one of your friends puts out a video showing all his friends profile information off the website to the rest of the world. There is nothing we can do about your followers leaking any thing they can see on your profile ,Pics, Videos and so one and so forth. Details of the circumstances where data may expose personal data about another person. Lets say you record a video of your time line on the Website (Censor Wars) And you out information of some one else. And they contact us asking for it to be removed you will be contacted and told it was removed. We will save the data for you so you dont loss your own information but will not let it back on the site till that persons information has been removed. Use of automated decision-making And DELETION OF ACCOUNTS. Harassment, Race/Color Religion And Sexual Harassment Please look up (Discriminate) meaning if you do not understand what (Discrimination) Means. Use of cookies and other technologies Have to be stated by law. I the own will tell you right now we do not track people, Nor do we want any thing to do with tracking any one ever. But we still have to notify every one of cookies and location options for your phones service providers. Because most of them do track every damn thing you do.