RuneScape game play is intriguing

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Rs is objectively a dreadful game. Possibly the game in the marketplace.

Rs is objectively a dreadful game. Possibly the game in the marketplace. Literal days of OSRS gold grinding the same content that is precise for virtual levels. I am baffled by the simple fact that people have 99s. The fact that people have maxed is really insane. 3-5 million hours to get a cape. Holy shit. The idea is maddening. I honestly dont understand why we play. Perhaps its Stockholm syndrome, pursuing that nostalgia, the excitement of infrequent drops, collector mindset, riches hoarding, or the feeling of achievement. It is a bizarre thing.

I do agree with you here. Osrs is a mmorpg, therefore it is non-linear and you will do everything you desire. It's houndreds of monsters, a huge world with thousands of items and plenty of bosses with exceptional mechanics. It is old, but it does not make it bad on your own. I know that the skills takes a long time. But individuals play games to progress. I enjoy idle matches, not since RuneScape game play is intriguing, but because I get to plan out an efficient strategy and see the progress as I go along. There are loads of landmarks along the way. I went for barrows gloves, then quest cape, then difficult diaries, then master clue requirements and I am currently near the elite diaries.

I branched out to PvM, although I have would think myself as a skiller. I mastered the struggle caves (got the jad furry friend, 32:50 PB and did it on mobile), I am 1200 ironic for my first Zenyte, I discovered the woox walk in Vorkath and I have only handled one kill in Zulrah. I've killed Bandos, neglected at Corp and will try to learn the Gauntlet soon. RuneScape game includes a variety of articles. You can go at your own speed or compete against other people. There are regular updates, but with update and equilibrium changes or QoL.

I have not played in three days. Not because I'm bored but since I've decided to do things or just not felt like playing. I log on tonight to talk to a few friends and do a few blood runes. RuneScape game is not suitable for everyone, but it does not make it bad. It is great at what it does. I would just change two things greater bot detection and mutes and bans for poisonous behaviour. Should you tell someone to kill themself, you receive a mute.

I like rs. You bring up many good points being: freedom and flexibility, and a huge amount of content. Which I agree with, having completed a good deal of it (best achievement is solo cox). But the reason I say it is is because I wont and refuse to recommend it. It takes perhaps (and I'm just imagining ) 100 hours or so just to get to a point were we could socialize with one another in a meaningful way, being pvm. Skilling in my view or chatting is dumb. With another game and RuneScape gold I could play and be involved with my friends.

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