How does the sperm reach the egg?

"Human fertilization" is the union of a human egg and sperm. How does the sperm reach the egg? Here is my opinion.

You might think that it's a fast race considering that the sperm is shot out of a cannon. For those of you that only have pea shooters, you have my sympathy. However, it's not a race. It's more like a survival of the fittest. Millions of sperm are released.

Once they over come the motion sickness caused by being pushed at an alarming rate, the sperm will gather their senses and look around. Once the realize they are in the fallopian tubes the battle begins.


There will be a lot of bumping and jostling as the sperm fight for the right to lead the pack. Yes, it is like a long distance marathon. Just because a sperm starts out in front, doesn't mean it will be the lucky on to get the prize. There may be several lead changes before all is said and done.

After awhile those in the rear of the pack will realize the can no longer play fair. Punches will be thrown. Tails will be whipped. The sperm count will slowly be depleted as some sperm get their asses kicked!

With only a few sperm left battling for the right to create life, it will come down to brains. Fake signs will be put up, trying to trick some sperm to go the wrong way. Some will construct fake eggs, luring sperm to it Basically all the gags you see in cartoons go on during the race to the egg.

Finally a group of sperm will reach their destination. The question becomes which one fertilizes the egg. You must understand that sperm come from men. Therefore they have the same traits as men. Meaning, the only sperm that will make it to the egg, is the one that will stop and ask directions. Come ladies, you know it's true!



I'm sure by now you realize there is nothing scientific about my explanation. I am not a scientist or doctor, although I can apply a mean band aid to a cut! However, I did take sex education in school and I do remember this part. It may have been told differently, but it's the same result.

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