RuneScape gets less pleasure at this stage

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I believe as the OSRS youtube\twitch streams has influenced how we look at RuneScape and the things we wish to perform in it.

Not really, there's about 20~ lifeless levels of only getting to the point where you're able to do diaries out of 70 to 90s. These levels take longer to perform well, especially on Ironmeme. RuneScape gets less pleasure at this stage for the easiest way to make money on oldschool runescape vast majority of individuals. Leagues are appealing since they friendly. I hate this community viewpoints RuneScape. Cape that is diaries is an accomplishment, but its not the point of RuneScape. I enjoyed everything up until I finished diaries, obtained 99 slayer, and about 2100 total... 99 disadvantages, but the process of making near 100k planks and then furniture is daunting..

So, for certain a brand new league would deliver a spark that is definite for me! New stuff and ideas and targets. I enjoy playing RuneScape and do plan to acquire the diary cape at some point. However, I don't really find it rewarding to grind to that goal anymore. I believe as the OSRS youtube\twitch streams has influenced how we look at RuneScape and the things we wish to perform in it. When you get to the point where you're at, things take a long time to do that it plainly is not worth it for me and I will do minigames or make laboratory accounts or something.

I believe of osrs as another game than pre-eoc. Osrs really became very different from pre-eoc although I mean it still gives you pre-eoc's feeling. And I really think that's better. Because the upgrades the old school team attracted us are very good and still does not affect RuneScape so poor. I think there are some key-feautures that could never alter like the combat system as well as trading. There are also. But at the end I think the neighborhood and osrs ought to be available for new things to come. We must see this as a new born child that looks like his dad but will eventually be something different compared to his daddy. That is the way I view it.

Game-wise? OSRS is in a sense better condition than pre-eoc and it's not even near. There is much more good content and the content is all well balanced for the most part. Things are really implemented by the JMods the players listen and want to feedback. The only thing OSRS lacks is the sheer amount of quests that came out then. Community-wise? Pre-eoc was better. People talk about stealing all sorts of things they remember having fun, soul wars and creation with. Should they put those things they'd be ghost towns unless they put any rewards in.

It is almost like EoC was that the issue and almost nothing else (mechanically, anyhow, removal of free transaction was clearly terrible). The nearest thing to Dungeoneering/Summoning we might have had in terms of a unique ability was probably Sailing, but the"rS3 bAd" crowd won't ever let anything too interesting creep into OSRS. That's a good thing and a bad thing, I always guess.If you are suggesting that we ought to get summoning in osrs I'm firmly against this. We get it the exact same way it played out in rs3 (Massive ezscape in the shape of easy recovery, good dps increase or extra bagspace) where it's dumb not to use it regardless of what pvm you do (and lots of non pvm things too). Or it'll be too inconsequential to matter, where the cost to impact ratio is high, or they have simply or short durations effects which are weak as not to upset the meta much.

I wouldnt argue that EOC had been the issue, it was Jagex implemented it then added 101 band-aid solutions that forced it into an absolute mess of a launching. If you plat EOC today RuneScape is great. The designers made the best of the battle system after makes EOC extremely enjoyable to play and how to get money in old school runescape the bosses and monsters that came. However, at start they had been trying to make to that made and axed the system. If Jagex had the insight they have now with the battle system, I believe just like EOC wouldnt of been buggered in the beginning and when they actually made it apparent with evolution diaries and enabled more player interaction other than simply"show case" machine less gamers wouldnt of felt so betrayed.

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