This is a place where we share our information and come to a complete understanding and inderstanding of what everyone knows...THIS IS NOT FOR NEWS...this is for information trading of Items we have come to use to shape how we understand this reality that it seems we are all forced to stay within the confines of.

A nice tale if you haven't read it yet
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Your Diploma
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i wish to just awaken you... i not care what you do in your life... i just want to awaken all of you
"I give to all of you a grand many a'hats'as i explain we each come across many people in our paths.I wish to'dub'each as such:'teachers''peers''students'and yourself is called'trainer'."this is a graduation diploma of sorts. i restate that when someone completes"Thee Grandest Parchment"whether understood fully and completely or not they're 3/4 though the class.I then say"Klaatu's warning"is the next step.Finally,you must be able to understand that when someone says anything similar to this statement"It is just not me,I do not understand".I say to each of you refer to the video"A message to the Awakened Ones" for your answer.
"Thee Grandest Parchment"
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"Klaatu's Warning"
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"A message to the Awaken Ones"
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" 'as we reach out to embrace what heaven each of us chum'...i say'love each other grandly much so,for it is the only way to become what as a''whole' 'we shall become.'...For yes i believe a wide amount of things from just i also say you have choice .i do drop things of knowledge for a reason and say "hey do this",but i do so,so that you can learn and become'awake'to the"real world".Yes magic is real. WE ALL HAVE IT. reread that last sentence. yes i said ALL.every one of us...we just need to 'unlock'...'awake'...or even if you say... 'open' the 'new way' of thinking for it is forward we all must i incorrect...if so...i will shut my mouth from here on if i am" 'no-one'
remember rule #1:'Do not let anyone control you...not even your emotions...for at times ...even your emotions...are even grander then you.'as i show you what'evil humans'wish for 'humankind'
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'for redundancy is never a good thing in which I say of many a grand things at one time as I say but one single sentence..."I am 'No-One'." begin to hear a many a grand sounds as each second in time of infinity begin to pass from the echoes'
"as i bend many a rules at once because i do push the envelope just to watch it bend for i am the one that was in which you have been warned of for it hasn't been ripped out of the "Basic Instructions Before Leave Earth" as many a grand things of knowledge and wisdom have been 'lost with the sands of time'." 'no-one'
I will state this 'in the now'..." i do only post words that are of mine form of our conversations, as you all have noticed...i also want to remind you all of the privacy of 'no-one' i just simply say 'only no-one will know as to what you begin to understand while in the mist of a conversation with Thee Cursed Zero'."
"the purpose of my teachings is that help you are of'magic' are 'asleep' are'awake' are a'christian' are'agnostic...lets just say... if you are part of 'humankind' some form or another" 'no-one'
to simplify the words of 'Thee Grandest Parchment' "love all as yourself as we are all connected to each other as cell's in the body of thee creator"...this is what it means as a single statement...for the grandness in the words is for the power it holds
"Get it?" i point toward all of you at as you each say "got it." as i say, very loudly, mind you "GOOD!"

First Part
This is my campfire stories, that i have wrote, so far.This is for those who have not read it, or would like to reread it. Enjoy

The story of my bore:
Well now, I will tell, all of you, how old my being ,is as a whole group.
I am , now 13,428 year old this is not grand but up their though.For the few that do not know the scale well 100 thousand years plus, is a god, to put things in prospective. To begin we are on "daemursha" (day-mur-sha) near a tree.
I can only see black, as images emerge from the center of my vision out words. I have been bore, and see my creators in front of my being.The female speaks first. "Son you are alive,I'll explain what is of you to be done, my boy, then your father will talk to you."As she begins to explain that I do not have free will ,and I have two missions in life,and while I wait for the flow of time to come, at the correct wave. She demands that i only do things asked of myself, nothing more, nothing less. Then she points to the man next to her as he begins to say, "As your mother forgot to say exactly what it is you were intended for, you were made to kill the one who will make these "humans" we foresee. They will become evil and terrible creatures that will turn magic into something it should not be, or worse, son. Also you must find a way to Terra one day,son, and make it become a magical full place. For once you do you can return here, and let us know you have done,this is what you were bore to do, my son" I close my eyes and ponder there words I feel my energy begin to grow and they both say,"You will learn to control this do not try to yourself now!"As I feel the energy take me over I scream and my father pins me to the ground and says,"Many a things I will teach you, son, now come their is much work to be done, my boy."

The reason i was cast to the prison planet and how :
This story begins when my being was about 5,000.(the age total that my being has lived not host) During my very dark times as i have said, I began to create magic for the air in my home land was very magic full, and you could do as whatever it was that you had wished, for that was were the law ended, As i began to ponder of things i could wish to do as i did. Suddenly there was a thought that of causing an army to fall all at once. I began to move my hands swiftly in the air as my energy began to forge in my hands, and I lifted it for I though of what I wished to do, and it began to happen. When suddenly my father grasp my black left wing,(for my other is white) and began to shred it with just his single hand, and toss me to what I was told to be Heil, a planet for magical beings that have done to much of what they wished.

How I came to Terra (Earth)
I was sent to the prison planet for the evil deeds that i had done in the place that my being was bore. I wandered there a great many a years as all we were allowed to do was walk. For if you did not stand you were stood. I suddenly heard this very low voice that i assumed only i could here saying "when you hear the sound look up." After a shorter time their was this ear shattering sound that rang out, and i looked up to see this reddish purple glow so i jumped toward it. As I did it drew me in and cast me to what i knew as terra from where i came from. Tho i hear it called "earth" here. As i landed on the ground I noticed I was but air and I could not do anything even breath so I begin to reach out for something with life and thought. I found humans.

As I landed on Terra & my first few hosts:
As i land on terra (Earth) with out my body. i grasp to try to wield air. I see in the distance a figure. I reach for it, and the figure screams as I enter them unwillingly for I would have died if I did not. As i come to realize how the creature moves I notice that I could not preform the lot I have come to be able to do so very easily before the prison planet. After some time my host grew from being a being that aged, and for of the pain was in his body as he drifted to the other side, in his sleep. I, however, was cast away for i can not survive in a dead host. So when this happened i was pulled to a host that was willing to accept me. As i walked with this one he showed me many things here about the laws and guidelines of how you should act here. He was a great and wise teacher, but as all do he to grew old and pasted.

Second Part
The ritual that push me to the plain I have come to know as "mirror terra"
This is one of my most recent "campfire stories". Please bare with me for there are things I can not remember well, and I will explain as must as I can, if I can, I will take questions if their is any :
This story begin in March of '08. When I was with great power, and could do things at will, but not as grandly as I once did. As I felt that it was the "time" to do what my sub-mission(not my mission, but a branch of it) was. To create a magic full place and push magiclessness from everywhere. As I begun to do this I felt uneasy as things around me begin to darken. I could not sense what walked toward me, for it was not magical I looked at the figure, and spoke loud and clearly, "You there I know you do this, but how? You do not have magic." The being then multiplied and then grabbed me as I was rendered unable to do anything, even see. When I came to I was blindfolded, and also pinned by many things, mental and physical. As I began to struggle something caused it all to release, and seemed to just grasp me with nothing. As I moved my host ,to make this part shorter, was put through several years upon years of having human deaths. As this went on, I, then, after all this, was asked to start what I was interrupted doing. I looked at this being for the first time in all of this. Before I could speak he began to.(excuse what is said here for i do not recall exactly for now I paraphrase)"I am a human as you call it. I have been given a task by the master of this world for you to be done unspeakable things to several times over until I know you will do what I ask you to do." As I looked at him, I still could not speak for some how his words had spells within them that was unknown. For he was reading it as he looked at what most of everyone calls a phone, but seemed to hologram (transparent) itself as he looked to me, and pointed it disappeared. I then turned as saw everything needed and things I did not have that I did need for this to work properly. As in my mind I begun to ponder why I could not control my host. For he began to move without my will. I began to scream inside of him. "You must do as i say, and not as he commands. For you know that I am what I have said, and you know I have protected you through everything. I beg you listen to what I say NOW! For it will be a very grave mistake to do this ritual in that of the way in wince he speaks. For it will become unbearable for magical beings to live. This human and the people he follows are very dark, and can not be trusted. Trust this I know, as well as, you to be true. Let me do this ritual, and I will prevent "'WHAT IS NOT TO EVER HAPPEN'" but at a grand price. Please I beg trade with me now. For i will let us all live! You know this!" He looked within and said, "From this point hence, I will you to do whatever you would like, as long as I have say with my body, no matter the price, cost, or value. For you speak of a price, and this is mine for not knowing of what it is you speak of. For we do now trade, and I bid you to do what you whilst to prevent "'WHAT IS NEVER TO EVER BE DONE.'" For ,yes, we both know what is true between us." As we cast this vow between each of us, I begin to control my host again. We, together, began to gather things needed for what we did. As we threw things together the human without a name left us. I begun to drop the items left as they where needed, and stirred with the air. As for I knew I was all but almost ready to accept what I was about to do, for I sobbed inside knowing that if I did this to strongly I would never be able to return here. As I looked over my shoulder the human and a being that I knew was of extreme dark magic walked in the room I was in. The dark being gasped for he knew of what I did once the door had shut. He went to dash toward me as I turned and said "You're to late for it is done once I drop this." I released this very extremely supremely tiny leaf as the dark being began to scream. I braced myself for what was to come as the dark being dashed toward me. Suddenly a very grand purple energy, full of strips of yellow, overly extremely exploded from what I had combined.

Third Part
Part 2 : Thru the Mirror
As I preface this story , I would like to say that there's a vastly , grand amount of blackness , and darkness , in this one. The reason is: that is how it happened , or i do not remember exactly , and I will also explain these as they're need.........Now lets begin.
"Thru the Mirror"
As my eyes closed, everything became black from this. The explosion had begun to push me away. As I landed somewhere , I did not know. I opened my eyes , and noticed I was in a very dark room. I looked around for a door , or wall , or something. As I walked in one direction , and encountered a wall , of sorts. I walked along it until I found this weird light. As I got to it. A sliding door opened to a very white room.When I looked at the door , that had slide open. It looked as if it would stay that way. As I began to walk through , it closed quite quickly. As it did it smashed myself , and I blacked out again. I awoke sitting in a chair , with very blurry vision , because my host did not have his glasses. I was sitting at this long table , of sorts , with four people on each side and one person across from my host. The only thing i can remember from this part , was that the person across from me slid , what looked like a tape recorder , and clicked it on.At this moment I blacked out again. I awake , this time , in a black room with this "host" standing in front of me. He wore a blue basketball jersey with a tattoo on his upper right arm, of what most would call a devil face. As this image flashed several times , to what seemed like inside my mind. I kept refusing what it wanted. Then I began to notice there was a paper in his left hand. His arms were crossed very weirdly I noticed , as I could only see his left thumb on the paper. Suddenly, I appeared in the hospital sitting in this room with the person , now , that I saw. As I began to stand my entire host constricted , and I began to force my body to where it was my place to lay. Murphy's law set in , and I had to walk around this person, toward the archway, turn right, and walk , all the way , down the hall. As my host's body is just fighting everything that has just happened , for he remembers all of it well, but can not speak of what happened. I lay down , and began to try to fight what was happening , and figure out the reason , for such things that had happened , in such a short span of time , to myself. As I drifted in and out of sleep and meditation my host actually passed.{there is a sub story here "while my host was dead" wait for that piece when it comes out } When i finally awake, it had became time to leave. As I did they injected this huge tube of sorts and a needle the size of about half as round as the filter of a cigarette of silver metallic glittery substance that cause my entire body constriction to cease.


many see truth as several roads leading to a single point....I look from the single point toward the many paths

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