Does not matter what deplorable bobby says about me, I am a good person and God loves me. I have always done right when it comes to my donations, I've never begged for money, this man called me a con artist. My followers who are my brother's and sister's tell me to ignore him. I even have forgiven him, all I question is this. How can this man lead Bible Study, talking to people that way, this man does not know me, all he has heard was lies and more lies by people who are trouble. To think I called him a friend at one point.
Well, all is forgiving and now I must not be unevenly yoked with lukewarm Christians.
My point is if you know someone who enjoys hurting other's stay away from them.
There is this super mod going around messaging my followers and trying to get them not to support me anymore, she does this on purpose. If anyone wants to believe the super mod they're going to, nothing I can do or say. I won't beg for friendships. I won't allow anybody to tell me who to like and who not to like. I sent a message to this super " mod and let her know, I will not allow her to spread lies and asked her to stop, her reply was just as I thought it would be, no apology just more judgment and false allegations. I will not quit Youtube, this mod tried to intimate me, saying I will never be accepted to The Group again, a group of so-called patriots, some messaged me and said they support me but I was not allowed to be apart of their channel meaning the super Mod is the boss, obviously, she controls these people as far as who can be a part of the channel and who can't. I have messages to back what I am saying too. I have spies that are looking out for me and some still message me. This so-called woman will reap what she sows , just like Bobby. I told him he can have copies of my statements from my donations I even sent him a copy of my bank card statement and proving that I do use my own money and not just donations when I booked my trips to DC or Albany, after all that, still was not good enough. I like to know where he gets off telling me I beg for money. I don't have a job or a paycheck, what I have is an allowance. I'm not on SSD that was a big misunderstanding.
It's ok if Bobby gets pay pal donations but not me, he's on SSD and nobody says a word.
I live a newer house cause we had a house fire years ago and we ended up rebuilding
because we live a newer home, a few people from this group thinks I shouldn't get donations. Truth is, they're jealous. They can have nice things and a nice house.
I've been accused of having diamond rings, they said I owned a big camper. All lies
My point with this entire message is not everyone on Youtube is good people. I wish I could show a copy of the message from Deplorable Bobby on here. I have shared it privately. I'm not afraid and will never be afraid. I will not beg for friends. This Person should not have Bible Studies. I say if you're not a true Born again Christain you should not lead a Bible study. I am not perfect and never will be. What I can say out loud, that I am a good person, A wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, I am still Michelle at the end of the day. Jesus does love me, everything haters have to say about me are just words, all nonsense, they are the ones who should worry, they say we are in are Biblical Phopcey, we're in Pre-tribulation. We all should love one another, be kind to one another, helping those in need. Instead, we have people like Deplorable Bobby spreading hatred and casting stones. I guess all we can do is pray for people like him. I know I will. I have no time for hatred or negativity. This is not Drama. This is the truth, how I'm feeling right now. I can't stay silent. I'm not the only one out there dealing with stone-throwers. With that being said, I will not give up, I will not allow haters like Bobby to affect me. I thought about this a lot within the last 22 hours and must say, feeling a lot better sharing my experience. I knew after I sent the message to him even telling Bobby I forgave him from the past, I knew that his heart was filled with coal ( Pure hatred towards me) I guess a part of me wished maybe he did change and would apologize. I was wrong.

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