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This is the Home Page for the Website. To keep up on things coming and going on follow the page .
This video is about showing you the option around the site. Every one should watch it at lease once. https://www.bitchute.com/video/AsWIbnxVNzVG/

Showing the options on the website (Censor Wars).

Showing the options on the website (Censor Wars).

Showing the options on the website (Censor Wars).

This will never happen on ( Censor Wars) Website ever. It will cost you your account real fast posting that Pedophilia is in any way ok.



Going after FAKE ACCOUNTS today. These accounts that are promoting things and pushing fake GOLD stuff, Shoes, Games and so on. This site is not a place to be advertising stuff. If you have some thing to sell PUT IN IN THE MARKET.

Next i will be removing all the accounts that have no profile pics and background pics and are just dead accounts not being used.

This is the Censor Wars Twitter account. If you use Twitter make sure you follow our posts.

Meaning that the owners of Websites can remove stuff that breaks laws and posses a threat. Even if the stuff is protected by the Constitution. All website that are privately own can remove any thing from their site for any reason. You must read the User agreement of the Website you are a member of to see.


This is the Home Page for the Website (Censor Wars)

THIS AD SPOT AVAILABLE. Monthly cost is 100.oo Need more information? Contact the Owner MARINE_IN_GOD_MODE https://www.gofundme.com/f/censor-wars-alternative-website-to-facebook/donate